Virtual Gym Packages

Fit Major Membership:

Become a member of this amazing panel and gain access to thousands of exercises, food logging and be a member of our community. Monitor your progress with our tracking system. $19/mo.

Fit Major 30 Day Club

Challenge yourself with 30 days of weekly progressive workouts. This is not a costumed plan but, there are different styles and methods you get on a monthly basis. This lays out exactly what you will be doing on a weekly basis. Comes with a 30 minute monthly phone assessment.  Are you ready to challenge yourself? $39/mo.

Fit Major Base

Workout plan (just pick the body parts and days of the week. You choose the exercises with the aviators and the base food log and education tips and tricks and bi weekly coaching 30 mins ) $79/mo. 

Fit Major Pro

Base of one and personalized second program (either one and weekly coaching 30mins) $139/mo. 

Fit Major Elite

Fully costumed plans (nutrition and exercise with measurements and assessments and weekly coaching 30 mins) $229/mo.

Contact us for all the details and to get started on your Claim your Success movement.

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