At Fitness Major, community service and support is a priority. Public appearances, speaking engagements and volunteer service are a prime staple for our company for a few reasons.

Fitness Major has a firm commitment to giving back to the communities we serve. I was raised in a single parent home with little mentorship or guidance. So I know first-hand the value a role model and the effect of mentorship on a child’s upbringing. With this in mind, I give a lot to the youth. I find that working with youth, can leave both short and long term impressions that are priceless. Teaching them the fundamentals of healthy habits, exercise, and proper form early helps to prevent health issues, imbalances, and growth stunts. But equally important I teach youth to be better, humble, upstanding individuals. I support a perspective of raising young men and women to claim their success. So that they know change does begin with you, if you apply yourself and maintain steady progress.

Families and parents also see the value in being healthy inside and out and the lifelong influence with young people. With my long-term background of fitness, I inspire many young and old through my speaking engagements and mentoring. Seeing the difference, it brings to others brings value to my life. 

I am strong in my belief that if you focus on giving to others more than yourself. Through service of others, your life will have more meaning and be fulfilled.

To request Vince for motivational speaking, workshop facilitation, demonstrations or community events, contact us