"You inspire me and I really appreciate you, and the time you spend here with us at VSP every week.  What you do is so much more than a job, you've helped me more than you'll ever know."

- Ryan

"I began training with Vince when he first graduated. Seeing his work ethic and intensity in the gym made me desire to want that drive as well. After just 2 weeks I started noticing dramatic results in both my strength and endurance; I'm now a personal trainer myself and in the best shape of my life, while helping others to achieve their dreams as well. Thanks Vince, but watch out... I'm catching up!"

- Justin

"I trained with Vince and I must say my body transformed in a good way and I felt great. I no longer live in Sacramento, but I sure miss training with Vince. I'm still working out, but I wish I could have Vince down here in Nashville. Good luck in all your endeavors Vince!"

- Kimberly S.

"I have been training with Vince for two months now, and from the moment I saw him at the gym, I knew I would like to have him as a trainer. He is very positive and inspires me to be my best. He believes in me and that is what I respect & admire about him! He is the picture of fitness, he walks by and people gawk at this incredible physique."

- Kim W.

"I indirectly met Vince through another person that I saw in home depot while shopping for windows. I saw this big, muscular, biker looking dude walking through the store and felt a since of desperation in a way. I was feeling as if I did not speak to this individual I would be a lost cause. I was tired of being tired and not having confidence or strength. I approached this person and asked if he could help me get into shape? He was honest with me and said he was not good with the female body, however he could take my information and put me in contact with someone that would fit my needs.

About two days later, I get a call from Vince Singletary and got scared and wondered Oh Lord, what have I done and started to second guess my actions. Vince was very thorough by taking my measurements and my weight in order to design a plan specifically for me. I have been a client for 3 years now off and on because through my journey, I have had some major setbacks and needed to have my restart button pushed a couple of times…I refuse to give up and I believe he has made me a better person on the outside and inside because of the meal plans he has the wicked ability to conjure up along with your personal workout plan.

Working with Vince has not only increased my physical strength, but my self-confidence. Vince cares very much about his clients and encouraged them in every way that he can. He loves to celebrate the victories his clients achieve, whether in weight loss or in life. I greatly appreciate all that Vince has done for me and am so thankful for all the time and effort in helping me to achieve my goals now and in the future. By the way, his client will know what I mean when I say this…"it didn’t tickle!” 


 Joining Fitness Major's online program was one of the best decisions I made.

I actually joined because I wanted to shed a few pounds, but shortly after starting my workout sessions with Vince I noticed, not only did I start losing weight, but the chronic joint pains I use to have in my hip, knee and ankle, started to diminish significantly.
Not only am I losing weight, I have more energy, I feel happier, and I am managing my chronic pain without meds.

thank you Vince.
Dherlie, Miami Fl.

 Vince helped me change my life around and really cares about his clients as if they are family. His knowledge and methods are outstanding. I would recommend him to anyone who's looking to better their life or needs that extra push!

Alex Lastra

 Vince does an amazing job of altering workouts for effectiveness, challenge level and injury avoidance. He remains positive and he provides information on what can be done independently on days you don't train with him. Easy.........No! Rewarding....... Absolutely!!


VSP global

Accountability is imperative for my health and wellness journey. I want to give a MEGA Thank You to my accountability partner, friend for a decade+, therapist, the coach with the most, Vince the Beast!! Vince, I know there are better clients, those that complain less :-) and enjoy working out in the dungeon (gym), sadly that's not me. Lol. However, I am responsive with accountability, touch points weekly, and occasional hikes! My testimony includes all 33 labs back in the green zone! HDL so low I have to increase healthy fats!! A1C down by 6 points!! Loose clothes ;-), stronger everyday!!!! In addition, my energy is on the route! I feel amazing mentally and physically. Thank you for not letting me EVER quit, not taking it Easy on me, and finding adaptive alternatives for my physical limitations. Not only accountability, you've given me real results that will last a life time. Thanks for being you, investing in me, your patience, kindness, being non-judgmental, and sharing you knowledge.

I'm there I'm there all the way a complete lifestyle celebrating 67 years young is all your fault Vince Singletary  you got me started on Bikini Competitions 👙 A MILLION TRILLION THANK YOU'S ❤️ I Took 3rd Place 🏆 My 5th Show😇🌹 June 3rd 2023 Muscle Fitness Bodybuilding 🏆💪🏿🏆  Las Vegas Nevada!! Home Of Bodybuilding Champions 🏆💪🏿🏋️‍♂️  
Cheryl Mills